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Gemini Horoscope
(May 21 – June 21)

GEMINI Horoscope Forecast

Symbol:  Gemini Symbol
Sign name:  Gemini
English name:  The Twins
Element:  Air
Quality:  Mutable
Polarity:  Positive
Planet:  Mercury
Period of birth:  May 21 - June 20

Gemini can be compared with any Twins. Visualize that they’re one individual and you will get an idea of what compose of the character a person born below the sign of Gemini. Geminis can be opposing, persons with duplicity in nature that can confuse their families, lovers and friends. They adore flexibility and transformation, but can be unreliable and inconsistent to make significance in their lives. They don’t like schedule and routine. Decision-making can be complex for them and they can frequently change their minds.

In the Zodiac Great Year, the Age of Gemini occurred from about 6450-4300 BCE. It was the age when accounting and writing methods were developed and humans were started to do business and trade with one another.

Geminis are thoughtful, loving and open handed, as long as this does not affect their own lives and comfort to a great extent. They have a strong intelligence and are keen on mind challenges. They strike on to new ideas immediately. They have a logical side and can observe both sides to an issue.

If you are a Gemini, you contain a number of fascinating businesses in your birth sign. Several of the well-known Geminis include President John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, Henry Kissinger, Joe Namath and Paul McCartney. Numerous parts of royal families were born below the sign of Gemini, too. Queen Victoria, King George V and Prince William, all of England, were or are Geminis.

Dullness is a great issue for Geminis and they can get hooked on problems looking for some thrill and excitement. But they are extremely resourceful and energetic and are supposed to have means for all this energy like artistic projects or work out or enthusiastic sports like tennis. Because they are at all times searching for new and remarkable experiences, they can tend to do to excess in food or drink or night life and club-hopping. Geminis need to keep in mind to stride themselves or they possibly will risk burning themselves out too early in life.
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